martes, 18 de febrero de 2014


Yesterday was a sunny day , so I decide to go for a nice menú del dia( cheap daily menú)  to Kaiku ,is a restaurant located to the end of Passaige de Joan Borbo`just before the Barceloneta beach  
In the menú del dia you have the option to choose between 3 starters ,3 main courses and deserts. We all opted to start with fideua with squids and mushrooms ,it was so tasty and instead of  a classic alioli sauce they served a mushroom cream .
For main course we  were tempted also for the same dish. Mairas(blue whiting) deep fried over cous cous ,the fish was fresh and full flavoured

At the moment of the deserts the waiter came with  a long list to choose from ,but this time everyone take a different one .We had homemade brownie, red fruits mousse (very refreshing)  and panna cotta with strawberry coulis .No words 

To match this food in the beginning we thought for a glass of white wine ,but the waiter said that if we choose a red we will get a whole bottle and it wasn't a bad idea because it was a little bit fresh and easy drinking .
The most amazing thing is that the menú cost only 11 euros and you are eating just in front of the beach, they have also a nice terrace .I suggest to make a reservation before you go, because is always fully booked .
The restaurant was full of locals  which most of them opted for a la carte menú,because they serve fresh fish from the market and I heard that they make a good paella. The service is very friendly 

Tel: 932 21 90 82
Hours 13:00- 15:30 ,19:00-23:00

jueves, 13 de febrero de 2014


Maybe can sounds like a place where you will find some champagne ,but you will able to drink only cava from their own winery Can Paixano .I always go here before 5 pm because you can have a bottle of cava for 4.10 euros after  they serve only glasses  (the cheapest one  cost 0.85 cents).
La Xampanyeria was founded 1969 , is located between Barceloneta metro station and the big post office of Carrer Layetana .
They have 5 kinds of cavas ,from the rosat (rose')to the driest one,with my friends we always go for the rosat because is easy drinking.They don't serve you alcohol unless you order some food ,if not everyone  will come out very drunk .
On the wall you can see what they  offer to eat ,they have differents  bocadillos (sandwiches) made with grilled meat  or  classics with jamon serrano .Also there are differents kinds of tapas: cecina (kind of catalan bresaola ) , cheese in oil and many spanish cured meats.
Every thing is so good and perfect to match with the cava

There are no chairs or table,you just stand, be pushed by people passing by and  throw your trash on the floor (very typical spanish )
Can Paixano offers the opportunity to buy at the store itself, because the   bottom part is like a small shop where you can find a variety of preserves, sausages, cavas and wines
A place to visit  before you go the Barceloneta beach

Adress :Carrer de la Reina Cristina  ,7
Closed on sunday