viernes, 4 de abril de 2014


Yesterday I was so eager to go to Bardeni .I heard and read good opinions about it by local people
Let's call it a  Gastrobar , is basically a bar where can seat 10-12 people and there are few more high tables along the wall . Is located near the Sagrada familia ,just beside the restaurant Caldeni owned by the same chef Daniel Lechuga .

There is a small menú with 15 plates all to share and on the blackboard you can see all the dishes of the day .

We opted for a caramelized foie with apple jam over a toasted bread .Was very good and the caramelized crunchy veil make it more interesting 
Then oxtail cannelloni with dry fruits parmantier just so tasteful to clean up the dish with  bread 

After that a spicy steak tartar with his secret dressing ,high recommended for tartar fans  ..and finally arrive the  veal fricando (tipical catalan dish) made in finger food style ,the meat was juicy and melt in the mouth like to order few more 

As ceviche lover I was attracted to try it,but wasn't so amazing as the rest ,served like a veal carpaccio    seasoning  with a lime ,onion and aji amarillo.We match this amazing food with a beer but they also have local wines .

To finish we had a catalan cream  in a foam version ,I prefer the classic one 

In the end was a great experience I reccomande this place to all those people who are by the Sagrada Familia ,but be carefuly  they don´t accepts reservation so the best way to find a seat is to go when they open .

Hours  : Tuesday to Saturday  13:30-15:30  20:30- 22:30