jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014


Barcelona have also some vegetarian places ,if you are by the rambla Cataluña you need to try Maoz falafel y salad bar  .There are two ,one in calle  Ferran and other by the  Boqueria market .

They serve their home made falefel in a baked white o whole wheat pocket pita  with a little bit of humus and then you can fill  it with a selection of goodies from the huge  buffet .You have  got doused carrots in cumin,deep fried cauliflower  ,  lentils,tomate and cucumber salad and many more veggie opctions.There are few toppings  for dress your falafel
The best thing is that you can fill your pita as much as you like,but i think you can be able to make it more than twice and is very cheap 4.90 €

If your very hungry you can order also some Belgian  fries ,to drink you got soft drinks and beer .
This is a place that you can miss if you like something healthy while you are in Barcelona

martes, 2 de septiembre de 2014


After the summer holidays here we are with a song that remember us that  Barcelona is powerful and she has  power. Every street  ,every single  corner of the city send you good vibes .
Now let's discover new spots of Barcelona