viernes, 9 de mayo de 2014


You are passing your weekend in barcelona and you feel like dance rock music ,the right place will be Magic Club.

Is a small club located in the Born district just in front of  Parc de la Ciutadella .
There are two dancefloors in both they pass the some music ,you can hear Madonna ,Nirvana ,Gun s Roses.The club attract young crowd and it's not a typical high hells and silk dresse place .
Is open just during the weekend ,the entrance cost 12 euros and include a cerveza, if you like a drink you need to add some more euros . Is started to be packed after 3am, before you can a have a drink in one of the many bars of the surrounding .

Hours. Thu to Sat and holidays eve from 11pm  till   6.00 am

martes, 6 de mayo de 2014


Yesterday before to go to the  beach we stopped to Cova Fumada is a small celler located in the middle of  Barceloneta just on the left of the big market.There are no signs over the doors ,so 
you´ll have to look for people waiting outside and follow your nose toward the aromas wafitng out the window from the kitchen.From the moment you come  in you felll  in warm family atmosphere

There are just seven old , marble-topped tables and old pictures of the city around .The kitchen is open and you can see the Grandma still to the stove .They don't have menú but  just a prehistoric blackboard with all the dishes that they serve ,but the waiter will be very  helpful

We start with two bombas(potato croquette with traces of crispy mincemeat ) topped with a alioli and a spicy sauce , be careful of the grade of spiciness you ask .Seems  like that this tapas were invented here by Maria Pla ,grandmother of the current owner in 1950s . Then we had  a  russian salad,nothig special 

Some simple grilled artichoke came after, very tasty .They are specialize in cod and we order it with tomato ,i don't realy like it but this was amazing  ,actualy had a sweety taste .Finish  off with grilled calamari with parsley and garling,impossible to asking something simpler and more complex
For drink we had a quinto of Estrella damm and a jar of wine .

Maybe remain few mythical places like this in barcelona ,some catalan people seated next to us asked some dishes to take away.You can miss this spot if you are in the barceloneta quarter and you like fresh seafood .Be careful they don't acept reserve so if you want to get a table you need to go in a not busy time .

Hours : Day time  Monday to  Friday  9.00 to 15.30 
                            Saturday    9.00 to 13.30 
            Afternoon  Thursady and Friday 18.00 to 22.30 
            Close on Sunday and Bank holiday