jueves, 30 de octubre de 2014


The Week End is about to begin and you are planning to go out in the  Eixample( is the  central district of Barcelona) let's say the heart of the city  and you are a Gin Tonics Lover then  you need to visit Sante Cafe

It's a cocktail bar where you can find a wide variety of Gins between 40 to 45   and  you can mix it with  different type of premium tonics   ( cardamomo ,pink pepper,lavander ) or the classic one
How will garnish  it,well depend which Gin you will choose  from a slice of cucumber for a Hendrix Gin, red fruits for a Brockmans or rosemary for a  Ginmare ..

Its always difficult when you arrive to this bar and choose your G&T because you get confused from all those bottles .my favorite is Ginmare ( made in Barcelona )  because it has the own flavor of junipre balancing with the herbs  and this meditteranean touch

The price are very fair to ,making the Sante Cafe the perfect bar for the perfect G&T but you can also have a nice mojito or whatever you wish
The owner Sara is  an  Italian girl which will serve you always  with a broad smile and is very kind,to  the end she always use to invite a chupito (shot )  for free ..
I forgot if you  fancy   for Italian-style aperitif ,at Sante Cafe you can find it every thursday and friday with a  free buffet of pasta,pizzas ,sandwiches  to match with a good  Spritz.
There is always a pleasant music as background and full of regular customers

lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014


Because Barcelona is not only patatas bravas and calamares fritos  ,you need to visit Mosquito.
Is a  small  and cozy restaurant  where you can taste delicious asian tapas and drink a great beer.
It's located in the middle of San Pere quarter between the Palau de la musica and el Borne area

It's always busy,to get a table you need to write  down your name on the blackboard located to the right of the entrance and wait for your turn  .They give you  a menú where  you need to mark  what you desire , then hand the papaer to the waitress(there is only female staff )and await for the food .
They offer differnts dumplings , hot dishes as edamame,pork ribs ,noodle and many more .as cold dish bang bang chiken,cabbage salad  and for dessert various kinds of  daifuku-mochi 

We opted for veal  shuijiao (boiled   dumplings)light and tasty,then prawn goutie  (grilled  dumplings) very good and zingy,after we receive the sopa wonton ..the broth was delicius.Finished the festival  with the  fried duck ,we order another  while we were eating the first ,was so tasteful, well cooked and crispy ouside.For desert green tea truffles something unsual but good too.
The most amazing thing is that those dishes are made from chinese  people ,I think that this is the reason because are so successful

To drink you have a  big selection of beers from all the world,mosty of them are craft beers ,pay attencion on the board because every week they have  new entry  ,just in case they have also  fruit juices and organic teas

For me this is a spot that you can miss if you are fed up of the usaual tapas ,try something exotic and drink a couple of good beers .It's  not too expencive  we spend less of 20 euros por person .Be careful they don't accept reservation so the best way to grab a table is to go for lunch which looks less busy or seat to the bar