miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2014


Well if you have a basic level of  spanish and you would like  to involve yourself in a real live karaoke I suggest to visit Quilombo  Pub .
Is a small music bar located in the heart of Barcelona with warm and intense environment where you can start your night

When you get in ,the waiter will attend you and  escort to the table .Every thing is so small ,table, stool  and  most of the time you will share a table with other people making as soon as possible friendship . The drinks are very cheap from 4 to 7 euros,  they use to give  a bowl of popcorn
To make some noise and make the night more funny you will find on the table some homemade maracas in effect are  cans filled with rice
At the end of the room there is a performer with a  guitar singing flamenco ,rumba ,latin music and all the spanish hits .There are no mics and everyone is  involved to sing,if you wish can also ask a song

I like this place because give me every time good vibes   and always had a fun .Is ideal for a
pre-bar party .Is better to go with a group of friends rather with a couple ..Have Fun