miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2015


If you fell like to eat some meat I will suggest to visit   La Malandrina -El Uruguayo ,my  friend Anja let me discover this place few days  ago .Is a cute little  restaurante located in the Barceloneta very close to the beach.

In the menú you will find  pica pica  (small bites ) and differents Uruguayan  cuts of meats  for which they are very famous .We both went for the vacio (is a cut located in the lateral region of the back part of the beef ) for  garnish we selected boiled rice and oven roasted potatoes.
As  aperitif  they bring chimichurri and criollo sauce with some bread to broken the  hunger .
For drink at  the begin we thought to have just a glass of red wine but the pleasant waiter said that it will be cheaper get a bottle and we didn´t hesitate to say yes

In a short time they served us, the  meat was very juicy ,tender and cook to the perfection ,the garnish was also very yummy.The same sauce of aperitif are use in south america to accompany grilled meat, I prefer   the criolla because give  freshness to the meat

Due to the fact that they are always busy they opened another place just beside,to satisfy all their customer 
We  get a table quickly   because we didn´t go  in a peak time but usually you need to do a queue to get a place , this could be a perfect spot for a sunday lunch and then go to  chill  by the beach .
I was forgetting how cheap is this Steak House ,we spent for everything about 25 euros , I thing you can`t find a better  deal in Barcelona