martes, 22 de septiembre de 2015


You don't know what to do thursday night in Barcelona.
Don't worry there is the Antikaraoke .
Is a fusion between a rock concert, an underground karaoke and a Broadway show , where the artists are the public .It takes place from 10 pm to 1 am at Sidecar Factory Club, the legendary rock club conveniently located in the city center in the Plaza Real, right off the Ramblas

 When you get in there is a song list with over 600 of your favorite rock, pop, metal, punk, old-school rap, and alternative songs to choose from, all high-quality versions that sound like the originals. Under the direction of its creator and mistress of ceremonies, comedian/cabaret artist Rachel Arieff, the Anti-Karaoke is conducted like an actual show. You never get the feeling that you’re in a boring karaoke bar, facing an apathetic crowd of people who are just waiting for their own turn to sing. Wearing over-the-top makeup and dressed in a variety of fetishistic outfits, wisecracking Rachel keeps the rhythm flowing, the audience engaged, and the performers motivated. Plus, she always has a few numbers of her own to contribute .
It's a night with a lot of fun  because on the stage will came from the most  skillful singer to the comic one .
Rachel on some point of the night use to offer a bottle of whisky to the crow just throwing it away and if you are lucky  you will get some drops or pour it directly in your mounth

Admission is only 8 € includes free drink plus you can remain after the show to a  dj  session of  rock-n-roll  music